Fraillaments (2013)

Shoot all old dogs who refuse to learn to sit
Make them jump through rings burning napalm, and…
I’m a master of at least one single game
How to make my little audience go tame

Do you believe in Magic?
…or just in me.

Don’t even believe in myself, why should you?
Just a handful of spent sunshine, and new rain

Do you believe in Magic?
…or just in me.
Unmagic? Unmystery?

Getting tired myself and my complaints.
All the leper rabbits should stay in the hat.
This illusion, disillutiopaths should love:
Climb a rope up to where the air is thin and cold

Unmagic & Unmystery

words grow in my mouth
wild venomous worms
refuse to come out
wriggling towards my brain instead

some dreams must be dreamt
too keep them alive
what do worms dream about
we will keep them alive and fed
creeping & crawling

the world’s so slippery
and the worms will win at last

The absence of pain
Some dreams must never be dreamt
will words set you free
wild venomous mysteries.

Tankstelle Blues
I won’t ask anyone for directions: I don’t know where i’m going
and Home is where the lights and the sound is
Just some life-giving inner fire….and I’m safe for a while

…and the way is as long as you make it
…and all strangers might just be friends
and if someone can just keep me warm, I am safe for a little while … again

I’ve been bitten by Der Tankstelle Blues.
Off I go

The road is such a demanding mistress
but I keep coming back for more
just one last smile, a last touch, a last time: I am safe for a little while …heading home

Here I go. Off I go

…and such
Beware of belly butterflies with razor wings and wicked ways
They tear you open, bleed you dry
Their colors are so like yours: Bright


Bliss is blistering
A tide of sweet Serotonin:
The drug that hangs you up/over

The sticks, the stones, the words, the thoughts: Might break your heart, your bones
The bones, the skin, the nerves, the flesh, the Electricity

Bent by Rain
No longer believe in the bedtime stories
Still afraid of the dark
The circles: Bigger now. So are the vultures
that float around… we all go.

My steps still restless
but the dance is slower
The music: Wry and Wrong
Well, I will dance along
i’m only human… as if that is good

The sky’s bent by rain.
The colors outglow
sunshine and the blue with no end

So join the school of Sharks/flock of Sheep/pack of Wolves
to feel the warmth/sound/scent/touch of life
…or turn your gaze down

Be your own planet. Your own sun
but you’ll never reach a living star
and now the sky is touching you
Keep your orbit straight and clean

Must be lonely to be a Kosmonaut
Must be lonely in space
Must be lonely to be a Kosmonaut

Inside a womb or in a trap
with an overview or out of reach
really want to hear what you think?
Keep your orbit straight and clean

Far above all that weighs us down
But the weightlessness might be a curse
The silent darkness’ touching you
and your orbit has no end

Must be lonely to be an astronaut
Must be lonely in space
Must be lonely to be a astronaut

For Love
we soften angles. ..meek and mild
see the beauty, look for light everywhere
walk like on air
What would the world be without this invincible dark force?

And we see angels, princess
where there are only trolls, frogs, witches

For Love
we shrink our hearts and sell our souls
we get small and paranoid
loose faith. Get territorial
What would the world be without this invincible dark force?

Waiting for that One, Big, Strong, Pure, Everlasting, Complicated, Non-existent love
For love

On Repeat
Silence might strangulate you
If it ain’t broken: Break it
Soulless. Godless. Gutless. Lifeless.
Eerily awake
Sleep is such a gentle reaper

So let me in or let me out
I’m  knocking on my door
I keep coming back for nothing
…lessons never learned

On repeat. Repent.

Should I betray my own blood, my head, my heart, my spine?
As I hide my tracks
As I do my tricks

into the Big Dream. The Golden Dream
wanna go, we all wanna go
into the Big Flow. The Golden Flow

Hope the Monsters will stay under the bed
Hope the Gravelman is asleep, and is at peace
Hope the Gravelman gets some peace

I’m an Island.
You’re a continent
The sea parts us
The sea can fuck off

I am an Island, and you’re not

The winds kiss me
The waves stroke my skin
You build bridges
I’m indifferent

I am an Island, and you’re not
Will always be

Here’s no entrance
No friendly shores
Have arisen from a deep cold sea
Takes more than some weather to bring me down
I’m an Island
The sea can fuck off

No Soul
Tread dead water
Walk the surface. Calm
Dark undercurrents might stir up your blood
Your instincts trust you
Conscience is a knife
Silent armageddon waiting to implode

No memento moris
No infinity
No burning seconds dripping on your head
Self-preservation & adrenalin
Stay out of the mind fields
Let your hang ups go

No Soul. No Sin. No Absolution

Dream Me

Don’t believe what you see/hear/think

sweat/breath/bleed the fantasy
Don´t believe me

Don’t believe in last straws/Symmetry/what you feel

breath/twist/live the fantasy
Don’t believe me, dream me

Don’t believe what you sense/what you know/anything
be/love/live the fantasy
Don’t believe me, Dream Me

…just leave it like that